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Eclectic has wholesale access to a number of leading brands and products. 

The catch is, retail sales is something we don't do. We are busy deploying, fixing and maintaining networks.


So even though we have access to some of the best wholesale pricing available in Australia. We don't have full time business development or sales staff on our payroll to make these products available on a normal retail basis.


Quite simply, we use the discounts to purchase and supply repairs or new installations for larger carriers or for ourselves.


However, one of our suppliers suggested a buyers club. We thought this was a good idea. So, if you know what you want and what you want to pay. Send us an email with quantity, product/model numbers and we'll come back with our best price.

What you get will be a quick one-step process. You get our best price straight away based on no-frills, pre-paid, drop ship or box shuffling.


It means you will have to do the research yourself and know what you want. If you require help setting up, installing or general support, we can supply that as a separate billable item, it isn't bundled in. 


So. If you need high quality rack cabinets, network cabling, ultra-thin patch leads all with a 25 year warranty. Name brand equipment such as Ruckus, Cyberhound, HP or other networking equipment. It doesn't hurt to quickly ask and we'll quickly reply.

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